2014 Yamaha YZ 85E in “Like New” condition. Bought new in March of 2014, this bike was disassembled and all linkage, bearings and fasteners were given the grease/antisize treatment. An hour meter was also installed and currently shows only 30.5 hours.     After careful break-in, cylinder and head were sent to Eric Gorr (New Millennium Tech) for porting and head mods to provide a broader power-band. This mod alone has increased the riding “Fun Factor” for any type of track or trail.     A new FMF silencer w/ spark arrestor was installed for National Forest use. A twin-Air Filter was added and jetting mods performed to match changes. The suspension has been professionally lowered by “Bumpstiks” (start’em young) and a GUTS RACING seat added for comfort. Oil has been changed every 5 hours. (Bel-Ray Gear Savers) and the ring was replaced at 20 hours – end gap difference was hardly noticeable as yard and trail riding are where the hours of use occurred.

Location: Brownsville, Maryland, United States

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